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Inverter / Home Battery

SF Sonic PowerPunch

The flow of superlative power for your inverter is SF Sonic PowerPunch.

  • Enhanced Life: The Robust Grid Design prevents corrosion in Positive Plate which in turn decreases the degradation rate and increases life expectancy
  • Low water loss: All new Alloy System makes the battery better suited for deep discharge applications and ensures extremely low water loss
  • Superior re-chargeability: Significantly Higher Electrolyte Content and all new formulation ensures higher performance levels and superior re-chargeability
  • Increased reliability: Double Clad Separation with Special type Ribbed PE Envelop & Glass mat enhances reliability
  • Easy to connect and handle: Lug type take-off makes the battery easy to connect. Special Omega type Cover Design fitted with Venturi type Chamber Cover negates spillage during handling
  • Easy maintenance: Float Guides indicates MAX / MIN levels of Electrolyte, while the Magic Eye indicates the state of Charge

SF Sonic Power Box

Keep your inverter always ready to use with SF Sonic Power Box.

  • Special Hybrid Alloy system that is best suited to withstand high temperatures prevalent in India
  • Dual plate separation for double protection against shocks and vibrations
  • Float/Float Guide to indicate electrolyte level position, which also acts as effective fume arrestors, enhancing safety
  • Factory charged for ready use
  • Easy maintenance